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English-Arabic military dictionary. 2015.

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  • missile-solid propellant charge — raketinis kietojo kuro užtaisas statusas T sritis Gynyba apibrėžtis Viena ar kelios kietojo raketinio kuro plytelės (blokai), patalpintos raketinio variklio kameroje. Joms degant dujos srūva pro reaktyvinę variklio tūtą, sukurdamos reaktyvinę… …   Artilerijos terminų žodynas

  • propellant — [prə pel′ənt, prōpel′ənt] n. a person or thing that propels; specif., a) the explosive charge that propels a projectile from a gun ☆ b) the fuel and oxidizer used to propel a rocket …   English World dictionary

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  • normal charge — Charge employing a standard amount of propellant to fire a gun under ordinary conditions, as compared with a reduced charge. See also reduced charge …   Military dictionary

  • powder charge — propellant (def. 2). [1930 35] * * * …   Universalium

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